Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Center for Progressive Reform Post on Workers' Compensation and Coronavirus

I'm cross-posting here from the Center for Progressive Reform Blog my discussion--geared for a general audience--some of the interplay between the coronavirus and workers' compensation. I've joined the CPR as a member-scholar and aim to regularly highlight workers' compensation and workers' rights issues:

Front-line health care workers and other first responders are in the trenches of the battle against the COVID-19 virus. The news is replete with tragic stories of these workers fearing death, making wills, and frantically utilizing extreme social distancing techniques to keep their own families sheltered from exposure to the virus. Should they contract the virus and become unable to work, they may seek workers' compensation coverage, which is the primary benefit system for workers suffering work-related injuries or diseases.

I go on to discuss issues that will be familiar to this audience.

Michael C. Duff

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