Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"Save the Tick!": Notes from the 2018 Texas Bar Association Workers' Compensation CLE

            On August 23-24, 2018, I attended the Texas Bar Association Workers’ Compensation CLE.  I was a speaker and, as requested, gave a presentation on significant national developments in the law over the last 12 months.  The venue was Austin, TX, and about 250 lawyers attended.

            Texas is the only state in which employers are not obliged to take part in the workers’ compensation system.  According to a recent article in Business Insurance,* in 2018, 28% of Texas employers did not carry workers’ compensation insurance; and 1.8 million workers, or 18% of the workforce, labored for these “nonsubscribers.”  

            Yet, a robust workers’ compensation program exists in the state, the contours of which are easily recognized by an out-of-state practitioner such as myself, and to others as well.   I offer here a brief background of the Texas system and select notes that should be of interest to all: SAVE THE TICK . Texas Bar Association Work Comp CLE 2018.  


* Louis Esola, Opt-out Texas Sees Dip in Employers Offering Comp Coverage, Business Insurance (Dec. 4, 2018).


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