Monday, April 2, 2018

New Scholarship on Nurse Case Managers and Workers' Compensation by Attorney Justin D. Beck

            The talented Pittsburgh attorney Justin D. Beck (Thomas, Thomas & Hafer LLP), has authored a new analysis addressing the law and ethics of disability management, with a focus on the activities of nurse case managers.  Little seems to be written about this issue, even though the involvement of nurse case managers in the system has increased over the decades and is a frequent point of contention.

            The 2008 ABA Workers’ Compensation Sections CLE in Tucson, for example, featured a rare panel on nurse case managers. I recall being mortified when a veteran injured workers’ lawyer barked at a nurse on the panel, from the audience, that she and her colleagues were nothing but “spies” for the carrier, and that they would never be participant in the claim of any his clients.    

            Mr. Beck, in his essay, has been thorough, examining codes of conduct, interviewing system players, studying state laws that govern the issue (Pennsylvania, our state, has none), and analyzing select cases where nurse case managers have been sued.  He seems persuaded (I think) that when nurse case managers hew to their ethical codes and enjoy the cooperation of claimants’ counsel, a constructive relationship can develop, with potentially better outcomes for seriously injured workers. 

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