Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Major Event: Complete Papers from Rutgers Law Symposium, "Demise of the Grand Bargain" Published, Available Free Online

            The complete papers of the September 23, 2016 Rutgers Law School Symposium, “The Demise of the Grand Bargain: Compensation for Injured Workers in the 21st Century,” have now been published. They appear in the Rutgers University Law Review, Volume 69, Issue 3 (Spring 2017) a quarterly which can also be read free online:

            I have already summarized the lead article, by Professor Emily Spieler, and noted my effort in this blog. That article, (Re)assessing the Grand Bargain: Compensation for Work Injuries in the United States, 1900-2017, is a tour de force and shouldn’t be missed. (See my summary at

            The other major articles, which follow that of Professor Spieler, are:

• Alison Morantz, Julia Bodson, Sarah Michael Levine, & Marcus Vilhelm Palsson, Economic Incentives in Workers’ Compensation: A Holistic, International Perspective;
• Robert F. Williams, Can State Constitutions Block the Workers’ Compensation Race to the Bottom?; and
• Robert L. Rabin, Accommodating Tort Law: Alternative Remedies for Workplace Injuries.

            Commentaries featured in the issue include:

> George W. Conk, Deadly Dust: Occupational Health and Safety as a Driving Force in Workers’ Compensation Law and the Development of Tort Doctrine and Practice; and 
> Charles R. Davoli, Challenges of the Changing Legal Structure of Workers’ Compensation and the Changing Workforce

            This special Symposium issue also includes four shorter commentaries and two transcripts of remarks – one by Professor Mike Duff, who heads this blog.

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