Saturday, February 19, 2022

White Collar Crime: A Look into The Past, Present, and Future

The Stetson Business Law Review is thrilled to announce its inaugural Symposium: White Collar Crime: A Look into The Past, Present, and Future. This virtual symposium, set to be held on Friday, February 25th, 2022, will feature keynote speakers in both the academic morning session and practitioner panels in the afternoon sessions. 

The conference will include topics such as white collar crime investigations, insider trading, prosecution and punishment of offenders, discovery issues, and ethical considerations that surround the white collar criminal practice.  See the full program and speakers at these links  -

Summary, Agenda, & Speakers

Anticipated Academic Panelists:

  • Professor Katrice Bridges Copeland
  •  Professor Lucian Dervan 
  • Professor Mihailis Diamantis
  •  Professor W. Robert Thomas
  • Professor Joan Heminway 
  • Professor David Kwok
  • Professor Tracey Maclin
  •  Professor Jennifer Taub
  • Professor Pedro Gerson
  • Professor Joseph Morrissey
  • Professor Karen Woody

Anticipated Practitioner Panelists:

  • Hank Asbill
  •  Simon A. Latcovich
  • Drew Findling 
  • Marissa Goldberg
  •  Ian Friedman
  •  Erik Matheney
  •  Jason Mehta
  • Amy Richardson
  • Addy Schmitt
  • Ellen Brotman
  • Katherine Yanes


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