Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Will It Be - DOJ v. Corporations?

Here's the DOJ's Memorandum on the creation of a internal corporate crime advisory group -  Corporate Crime Advisory Group and Initial Revisions to Corporate Criminal Enforcement Policies.

This Memo talks about the internal advisory group to reinforce the forthcoming department changes regarding corporate prosecutions.

I am also announcing, through this Memorandum, the creation of a Corporate Crime
Advisory Group within the Department that will consider and, where necessary, recommend
additional guidance concerning the three revisions set forth herein. This group will also consider
additional revisions and reforms that will strengthen our approach to corporate crime and equip
our attorneys with the tools necessary to prosecute it when it occurs.

It is hoped that this new Corporate Crime Advisory Group will consider working with the corporate sector in eradicating criminality.  Colloboration can be a key to success in stopping white collar crime. 



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