Sunday, February 21, 2021

Upcoming Garland Hearing for Attorney General

Many are opining on what to expect at the Garland hearing this week:

Jack Queen, What To Watch For At Garland's AG Confirmation Hearings, Law360

Carrie Johnson, Merrick Garland Heads For Confirmation Hearing, 5 Years After He Was Denied A Vote, NPR

Garland's opening statement is noted on CNN here.

Some thoughts on his opening statement -

  1. First page after preliminary thanks and expounding on the historical role of AG is to emphasize the "rule of law" and "independence of the Department from partisan influence in law enforcement investigations."
  2. Civil Rights and its importance is placed in the context of history.
  3. He speaks about his role in the Oklahoma City prosecutions and moves into foreign and domestic enemies.
  4. Two terrific Robert Jackson quotes highlight the ending. 

It is a short statement, and provides little about his priorities as AG.  But it does set a tone that fairness and a nonpolitical administration will be what overrides everything. One can expect he will be peppered with questions about many areas of concern. 


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