Friday, June 26, 2020

White Collar Briefly MiniPod - Six Podcasts on White Collar Crime

Co-sponsored with the ABA's Global Anti-Corruption Committee, Perkins Coie's Markus Funk, Chelsea Curfman, and Kevin Feldis  have released a podcast series (six so far) as follows:

Introducing the White Collar Briefly MiniPod

They include candid conversations with a variety of special guests, including:

· American “book of the year” author, editor, screenplay writer and publisher Dave Eggers- see here

· Joel Esquenazi (defendant in the high-profile U.S. v. Esquenazi FCPA case)- see here

· Molson Coors’ Global Ethics & Compliance Chief Caroline McMichen see here

· Chicago-based U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall - see here

· University of Colorado COO (and former GC) Patrick O’Rourke - see here

· Avanos Medical Deputy GC Ross Mansbach - see here


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