Tuesday, July 23, 2019

My Mueller Questions

The media is discussing all the questions they would like asked of Special Counsel Mueller in tomorrow's hearings.  And although many are good questions, it is unlikely that he will answer most of them. 

But there is an important avenue of questioning that it is hoped someone will attempt.  If Attorney General Barr has the power to remove the Special Counsel and if Mueller served at his discretion, then it needs to be determined whether AG Barr cut the investigation shorter than Mueller would have preferred.   

When you started the investigation, was any time limit placed upon you for completing the investigation?

If yes, what was that time limit?

If no, did that change at any point in the investigation?

If it changed in the latter portion of the investigation, or after AG Barr entered the scene, this could be very telling. If there was an initial time limit agreed upon, then this also would be telling, since one cannot predict how things will progress in an investigation. It just seems odd that the investigation was complete as there were still pending cases coming from the Special Counsel's Office.

But maybe it was over and now we just need to hear from Mueller as to whether that is correct.



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