Thursday, November 29, 2018

Deutsche Bank Raid

News media are reporting that Deutsche Bank has been raided by German prosecutors. (see BBC here), (see NYTimes here).  A money laundering investigation is what is being reported.  Deutsche Bank stated that "[i] is true that the police are currently conducting an investigation at a number of our offices in Germany.  The investigation has to do with the Panama Papers case. More details will be communicated as soon as these become known.  We are cooperating fully with the authorities." (Tweet @ Deutsche Bank). They also have stated that "[a]s far as we are concerned, we have already provided the authorities with all the relevant information regarding Panama Papers." So if Deutsche Bank provided everything, why is there a raid?


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Cohen Pleads to a Sec. 1001 Charge- The Moscow Project

Special Counsel Mueller filed an Information (here) and Plea Agreement (here).   The most telling is paragraph number 7 of the Information  -

"Cohen's representations about the Moscow Project he made to SSCI (US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) and HPSCI (House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) were false and misleading.  Cohen made the false statements to (1) minimize links between the Moscow Project and Individual 1 and (2) give the false impression that the Moscow Project ended before 'the IOWA caucus and ... the very first primary,' in hopes of limiting the ongoing Russia investigations."  

Other interesting points - "Cohen discussed the status and progress of the Moscow Project with Individual 1 on more than the three occasions Cohen claimed to the committee, and he briefed family members of Individual 1 within the Company about the project."

And note page 6 - "Cohen responded, 'My trip before Cleveland. [Individual 1] once he becomes the nominee after the convention.""

So were there ties to Russia - clearly yes. 

Thank you Special Counsel Mueller for continuing this important investigation.  And for those who claim this is going on for too long -  just remember that white collar cases typically take a long time.


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