Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Political DOJ

I have no particular sympathy for Governor Chris Christie in his current political travails. But the notion that he or his aides committed a federal crime is ludicrous, and the New Jersey U.S. Attorney's rash public announcement of a criminal investigation is a shameful example of DOJ's continuing politicization. Oh, I know, everyone commits a federal crime every single day. It's what makes America great. But I'm talking about a real crime, that a real prosecutor would seriously tackle. Contrast Paul Fishman's aggressive stance with DOJ's spectacular non-reaction to the fraud-induced 2008 financial crisis. How pathetic.


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I am not sure I agree with my estimable colleague on this. Although I generally agree that we criminalize and punish severely too many acts, this one seems to me so clearly wrong, such an abuse of power and harmful (by loss of time and money) to so many that it may deserve criminal prosecution - assuming there are laws in place that reasonably cover the apparent misconduct.

Posted by: Lawrence S. Goldman | Jan 14, 2014 1:44:16 PM

"...assuming there are laws in place that reasonably cover the apparent misconduct." But there's the rub, Larry. Are there any laws that "reasonably" cover the misconduct in question? I don't believe we should be stretching broad and vaguely worded federal criminal statutes to reach political misconduct.

Posted by: Solomon L. Wisenberg | Jan 20, 2014 8:31:48 PM

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