Friday, July 5, 2013

The Other Side to the Alleged IRS Targeting

Noted here were the initial reports of alleged IRS targeting.  The NYTimes tells the other side here. Perhaps this is a good time to appoint an independent non-political individual or entity to look into what really happened here, if anything. 


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The Times article cited appears to be an attempt to confuse the issue, not balance it. The examples cited by Mr. Weisman suggest genuine questions about whether the applicant qualifies for exemption, and perhaps under which paragraph of Section 501(c), not discrimination on the basis of the content of the organization's speech.

Posted by: Chip Watkins | Jul 5, 2013 1:40:25 PM

That may be a good idea. However, it should be pointed out that the IRS generally does a good job in this area. I have dealt with a lot of agents and they usually stick to the strict letter of the law and the guidance of supervisors. Grey areas of administration, like what activities should or should not be exempt, can get really tricky. Admittedly, politics have no place here. What must then be determined is if politics were really involved or was it just uneven or improper interpretation as to whether an entity should be exempt.

Posted by: Steven J Fromm | Jul 6, 2013 9:13:09 AM

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