Friday, March 16, 2012

Schuelke-Shields Report: Williams & Connolly Analysis

Here is the Williams & Connolly Analysis of the Schuelke-Shields Report. It is an excellent dissection, by Brendan Sullivan and Robert Cary, of the rampant prosecutorial misconduct permeating the Ted Stevens case.


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What a terrible waste of time and taypayer dollars, to end up with more than 500 pages of detail on how these attorneys violated Ted Stevens' Constitutional rights--as too often happens in our courts--and they face no repercussions whatsoever.

I read the responses of these attorneys, and it sickened me. Since J. Sullivan named them, they can't duck and run so now finger pointing is the new game. "It was not me, it was others."

In my experience those who refuse to take responsibility for their actions are likely to repeat the same wrong behavior.

Who will be the next victims of these DOJ lawyers?

Of course all of us are. And our tax dollars continue to pay their salaries, bonuses, benefits, despite their numerous violations.

Is this something for which we can be proud? Something to export to other countries?

Posted by: Gloria Grening Wolk | Mar 16, 2012 1:15:59 PM

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