Thursday, March 15, 2012

Schuelke-Shields Report: Statement from Catherine Stevens

I am grateful Judge Emmet Sullivan has released Mr. Schuelke’s report. I am also deeply thankful, as was my husband, for the dedicated team at Williams & Connolly who have continued to pursue justice.

It will take me and the other members of my family a few days to review the report. I ask that you respect our privacy as we do so.

I can say that the Stevens family continues to be shocked by the depth and breadth of the government’s misconduct. Ted served our country as a pilot in World War II and as a United States Senator for over 40 years. A team of federal prosecutors denied him the Constitutional rights guaranteed to all our citizens. As a former federal and state prosecutor, I find it hard to understand the actions by those who have sworn to uphold our laws.

My husband, also a former federal prosecutor, very much wanted to read this report and the yet to be released report by the Office of Professional Responsibility. I am saddened that he is not able to do so.


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