Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 White Collar Crime Awards

Each year this blog has honored individuals and organizations for their work in the white collar crime arena by bestowing "The Collar" on those who deserve praise, scorn, acknowledgment, blessing, curse, or whatever else might be appropriate. I welcome comments from readers who would like to suggest additional categories or winners (or losers?).

With the appropriate fanfare, and without further ado,

The Collars for 2011:

The Collar for Best Waste of Time - To those trying to redraft honest services legislation that will comply with footnote 45 in the Skilling decision.

The Collar for Most Important Piece of Legislation Not Enacted this Year - New laws to assure discovery is provided by prosecutors to assure a fair judicial system. 

The Collar for the Hottest Potato -  The Unreleased Report on discovery violations in the Stevens case. 

The Collar for the Gun Used Most Often in Corporate Hold-ups - The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.(two years in a row)

The Collar for the Least Likely to Survive - A FCPA case that goes to trial

The Collar for the Case Most Needing Review - Sholom Rubashkin's 27 year sentence. (two years in a row) 

The Collar for the Shame on You for Doing That - Prosecutors who asked for 24 years in the Raj Rajaratnam case

The Collar for Most Likely to Miss an Iceberg in Alaskan Waters -  AUSAs who fail to provide Brady material to defense counsel despite new rules issued by DOJ

The Collar for the Most Baffling Media Relations - tied this year between Blago and Sandusky

The Collar for Dereliction of Duty - to the Department of Justice for failing to seriously investigate the biggest financial meltdown since the Great Depression

The Collar for Recidivism - to the Department of Justice's Fraud Section for Lindsey Manufacturing

The Collar for the Best Moment of Silence - To the Solyndra execs who recognized the importance of the 5th amendment constitutional right

The Collar for the Best Effort to Prolong his 15 Minutes of Fame - Joseph Amendola, the attorney for Jerry Sandusky, who conducted a highly-criticized press campaign with his client

The Collar for the Wildest Pitch - To the prosecutors in the Roger Clemens case that put it into extra innings

The Collar for the Misplacement of Funds - Tied - legislators for failing to give the SEC more funding so that we can avoid future Ponzi schemes like Madoff, yet giving funds for environmental raids like the one against the Gibson Guitar factory here

The Collar for Most illegitimate Prosecution -  To the prosecutors who are proceeding against John Edwards

The Collar for Sentencing Sanity - To Hon. Ellen Huevelle for consistently rejecting DOJ's draconian sentencing recommendations 

The Collar for the Best Willful Blindness - To the DOJ for not filing a brief in the Global Tech case where the Supreme Court reformed criminal willful blindness law in a civil case -- you mean they really didn't know about this case

The Collar for the Lowest Box Office Hit -  The denial of Wesley Snipes Cert petition that went almost unnoticed in the media

The Collar for Most Qualified Judge for American Idol -  Tied- To Hon. Roger Titus for voting off the government's case in the Lauren Stevens case and Hon. Howard Matz for voting off Lindsey Manufacturing

The Collar for the Best Portrayal of Casablanca's Captain Reynaud - Jon Corzine, who was "stunned" to hear of apparent diversions at MF Global.

The Collar for the Best Parent - retired years ago and renamed the Bill Olis Best Parent Award - unawarded this year since no one comes even close to Bill Olis, may he rest in peace.

The Collar for Best Performance of "The Good Wife," old style - Anne Sinclair, Dominique Strauss-Kahn's wife, who supported him financially and publicly through it all.

The Collar for Best Effort to Support the Legal Profession - New York State Assemblyman William Boyland, who while under indictment for bribery allegedly sought an unrelated $250,000 bribe to pay his lawyer.

The Collar for Making a Mountain out of a Muffin -- The DOJ Inspector General for issuing a report criticizing the department for excessive charges for program meetings (and then backtracking on its findings).

The Collar for Declinations - to the Department of Justice for failing to indict anyone in the Robo-signing cases

(esp, Wisenberg, Goldman)

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