Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brady Problems Outside Alaska

Following the Kohring Catastrophe (see here, here, and here), one has to start looking closely at other cases with alleged Brady violations. One such case is the Brown case pending in the 5th Circuit. Counsel for James A. Brown (Daniel K. Hedges, Sidney Powell, and Torrence E. Lewis) filed an extensive brief in the 5th Circuit that argues that exculpatory Brady material was not provided to the defense. (Brief- Download BROWN BRIEF FILED 122010).  Jim Brown, a former Merrill Lynch executive was convicted of perjury and obstruction and is contesting these charges on several grounds. The case has had an interesting turn of events.  It seems that the government filed a brief claiming that the defense failed to file a timely notice of appeal. Mind you this is after the government was given an extension of time to file its responsive brief by the defense. But it seems that the government had some mathematical computation problems, and on review they realized that Labor Day was in fact a federal holiday and the defense acted timely.  The government, when notified, recognized its error and corrected it by requesting to file a corrected brief, not a confession of error. (See Motion here - Download Brown's OppositionToGMforLeave.)  The important question here is whether there was a Brady violation.  Did a thousand pages of evidence not get revealed until 2010 and if so, why?



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