Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In the News & Around the Blogosphere

Brad Heath & Kevin McCoy, Prosecutor misconduct lets convicted off easy

Harvey Silverglate, Forbes, The Insider Trading Bread and Circus

DOJ Press Release, Attorney General Appoints Gary G. Grindler Chief of Staff

Sue Reisinger, Corporate Counsel, law.com, General Counsel Scramble After Spain Passes Sweeping New Criminal Code (hat tip to Ivan Dominguez)

James Burdick, Ticklethewire, Column: Defense Attorney Says Some Fed Prosecutors Need to be Fired and Indicted for Their Acts

Webcast, Securities Docket - 2010 Year in Review: Securities Enforcement, Litigation, & Compliance

International Bar Association, Anti-Corruption Strategy for the Legal Profession

Mike Scarcella, BLT Blog, DOJ Raises Potential Defense Attorney Conflict in Corruption Case

Brent Kallestad, Bloomberg, Report urges crackdown on Fla. public corruption

Laurie L. Levenson, NLJ, law.com, Criminal Fraud Cases Survive Skilling Decision



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