Monday, July 12, 2010

In the News & Around the Blogosphere

Cindy Chang, The Times-Picayune, Supreme Court's 'honest services' ruling could affect local public corruption cases

Lynnley Browning, NYTimes, U.S. Widens Tax Inquiry Into HSBC

Zachary A. Goldfarb, Wash Post, SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro considers overhauling rules to help investors

Nate Raymond,, NYLJ, N.Y. Firm Sued for Advising Clients to Invest in Ponzi Scheme,Urciuoli attorneys move to leverage recent high court ruling

Voiceof America News, China Issues New Anti-Corruption Regulations

Vicki Needhman, The Hill, Former Renzi associate guilty on conspiracy, embezzlement charges (hat tip to Ivan Dominguez)

AOLNews, Hundreds of Federal Agents Fall Victim to Ponzi Scheme (hat tip to Ivan Dominguez)

DOJ Press Release, Accountant for Former Arizona Congressman Convicted of Embezzling Insurance Premiums and Conspiracy

DOJ Press Release, Ship Management Corp. to Pay $4 Million Penalty for Concealing Deliberate Pollution

Mark Hamblett, NYLJ,, 2nd Circuit Panel Probes Ruling on Wiretap Discovery in SEC Case

Noeleen G. Walder,, NYLJ, Former Executives' Convictions Upset Over AG's Failure to Turn Over Documents to Defense


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