Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Enron Barge Case Continues

Some cases continue - like Jim Brown of the Enron Barge Case. The latest is that Hon. Werlein denied the defense Speedy Trial Act Motion. (Download Memorandum & Order 61510 Dkt. 1208)  The defense had claimed that "[s]ince August 13, 2009, the government has failed to take even a first step to bring Brown to trial." 

This case also includes claims of discovery violations on the part of the Enron Task Force, with the defense arguing that "[a]fter Brown's trial and appeal, a new prosecutor finally produced the government's notes of multiple conversations with Fastow, the grand jury testimony of Merrill counsel, and other Brady material -all which proves Brown's innocence on all charges." (Download SuppMtnNewTRIAL.Dkt.1160).  

Discovery violations have been prominent issues in several recent cases (see here) including the prosecution of former Senator Ted Stevens. Most recently, DOJ issued new guidelines pertaining to discovery practices in the DOJ (see here). With strong claims of discovery violations and prosecutorial selectivity in the Brown case, one has to wonder if DOJ will re-examine what has transpired in this case.



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