Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2008 Florida Report Shows White Collar Prosecutions

The Annual Report of Statewide Prosecutor William N. Shepard, from the Office of the Attorney General in Florida, presents prosecutions of some white collar crimes.  With respect to white collar crime, the Report states that "Fighting fraud is an integral part of the Statewide Prosecution mission and mandate. We target three specific areas: (1) mortgage fraud, (2) health care fraud, and (3) securities fraud."  The Report details some of the prosecutions in these three areas, as well as in non-white collar areas.



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How do you report habitual white collar criminals, and credit and creditor and tax evaders? Is it legal to post the name of a convicted felon who uses NY State corporations to evade creditors as well as state and federal taxes?

In the era of Ponzi schemes and other frauds that come at a huge personal cost to the tax payer, why do government agencies seem to avoid citizen reports of white collar crimes??

Posted by: Perfectarc | Nov 9, 2009 8:38:44 AM

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