Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Numbers Confirm that Sotomayor is "Tough on White Collar Crime"

I previously blogged on my review of 100 white collar related cases of Judge Sotomayor here. TRAC reporting now confirms empirically what I found. See here. They conclude that

"A case-by-case examination of the sentences imposed by Judge Sonia Sotomayor during her six years as a trial judge in the Southern District of New York has determined that she was more likely than her colleagues to send a person to prison. . . this was particularly true for convicted white-collar criminals."  

They provide charts and numbers that confirm their findings.  They used a definition of white collar that may have been more restrictive than I used as they compared only 47 of her cases with a total of 1,570 of all judges in New York's Southern District.  They found that

"For this group of criminals, Judge Sotomayor's colleagues sent 43% to prison, with only one out of three of the total receiving a sentence of six months or longer. Judge Sotomayor, in contrast, handed out prison time more often. In her case, a bit more than half (52%) were given some prison time and nearly half (48%) -- rather than one-third (34%) -- were given a prison sentence of 6 months or more."

Hats off to TRAC for providing this empirical evidence. 

(esp) (w/ disclosure that she is a B.S. graduate of Syracuse U.- home of the Trac Reports).

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White collar crime will continue to grow and become one of the biggest threats to society as the amounts stolen accumulate. The justice system has to address this issue. A transparent justice system with open statistics is a must.

Posted by: stuart | Jul 11, 2009 2:56:48 AM

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