Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Dionne Searcy & Amir Efrati, WSJ Blog, Sins and Admission: Getting Into the Top Prisons - The Bureau of Prisons Didn't Grant Madoff His First Choice, and Rebuffed a Judge's Recommendation. Why? (w/ a hat tip to Mark Johnson)

DOJ Press Release, Ship Captain and Chief Officer Plead Guilty to Crimes Related to Pollution from Cargo Ship Traveling to New Orleans

Stanley A. Twardy Jr. & Daniel E. Wenner,, One Rogue Worker Can Take an Entire Company Down (for previous discussion on the Ionia case see here and here)

Mark McDonald, NYTimes, Beijing Court Convicts Ex-Sinopec Chief of Bribery

David Glovin, Bloomberg, Madoff Accountant Friehling Waives Indictment, May Plead Guilty

NYTimes (AP),  Ex-Financier Has 2 Years Added to Sentence for Fleeing

Mark Hamblett, NYLJ,, 2nd Circuit Says Adviser's Knowledge of Bayou Hedge Fund Fraud Not Proven (the opinion can be found here)

Zachery A. Goldfarb, Washington Post, SEC Chairman Requests Broad Investigative Power

DOJ Press Release, Former New York City Council Member Pleads Guilty to Federal Fraud and Money Laundering Charges

Office of the Attorney General of NY (Andrew Cuomo), Press Release, Attorney General Cuomo Announces Six Arrests in $47 Million Medicaid Scam - Fraudulent Medicaid Provider Allegedly Developed An Elaborate Financial Web To Steal From Medicaid And Launder The Proceeds 

DOJ Press Release, Former Boeing Engineer Convicted of Economic Espionage in Theft of Space Shuttle Secrets for China 

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