Saturday, February 28, 2009

In the News and Around the Blogosphere

Karen Gullo, Bloomberg, Bonds Steroids Trial Postponed as U.S. Appeals Evidence Ruling

DOJ Press Release, Stanford Financial Group Chief Investment Officer Charged with Obstruction

William Bender,, Another Delco exec accused in swindle

Michael Powell, William K. Rashbaum & Banjamin Weiser, NYTimes, Morgenthau Heads for Door, Legacy Assured ; Karen Freideld, Bloomberg, Morgenthau, Manhattan Prosecutor Since 1961, Won’t Run Again

Sanjay Bhatt, Seattle Times, Mortgage-fraud defendant sentenced to seven years in prison

DOJ Press Release, N.J. Electrical Company Employee Pleads Guilty to Defrauding the Environmental Protection Agency at Superfund Site

DOJ Press Release, International Criminal Figure Pleads Guilty to $138 Million Fuel Tax Scheme After Nearly 13 Years as a Fugitive

DOJ Press Release, Miami Man Found Guilty in $13.5 Million International Money Laundering Scheme

Mike Anton, LATimes, About to do time? Meet your best pal


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