Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Task Force Reports - What Is Missing?

So where's the task force to deal with the current financial situation? 

The President's Corporate Fraud Task Force was created several years ago to prosecute corporate frauds. (see here)  It's 2008 Report attempts to demonstrate the successes achieved by this task force.  But as noted here, the Report failed to provide the "not guilty" verdicts and reversals received from appellate courts. As noted here, it was a Report that failed to provide a full assessment of what actually had transpired. But at least there was a task force to handle the alleged frauds.

Just this past week, DOJ issued a Press Release concerning its Katrina Hurricane Task Force and noting the large number of prosecutions and highlighting some of the major ones. Again, no acknowledgment of any unsuccessful prosecutions.  But again, there was a task force to handle the alleged frauds.

If there was illegality in this recent mess as some at a recent debate insinuated, and if the harm was caused by such illegality, shouldn't there be a task force to investigate it? (see here) The FBI has one, where is DOJ's?


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