Monday, October 27, 2008

Stevens - Guilty

Details can be found at - CNN here; Washington Post here; NYTimes here; WSJ  here.  The question of whether it was a good move to proceed to trial quickly, to beat the forthcoming election, has now also been answered.

Indictment here

An added consideration to the prior blog post here, is that if there was any error that causes a reversal of this conviction, it is hard to remedy it prior to the election.  Appeals can take a long time, and certainly more time than the few days left before the election.

Trivia - The late Rep. Charles Diggs was re-elected while awaiting sentencing (although he did eventually resign) here.


P.S.  Will the defense be raising an issue on appeal regarding a response to a jury question during the deliberation process?  See  BLT Blog here

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He says he's going to continue his campaign. If, like Diggs, he wins...then what?

The majority Democrat Senate may vote (by 2/3 majority) to expel him. Or they may not.

If they expel him, then Gov. Palin (who will remain Governor even if she is also Vice-President Elect) will replace him with a conservative Republican, hopefully an honest one. I don't know how many Republicans would join in a vote to expel, but I would hope most or all of them would.

If they don't expel him, then the Democrats get some extra high horse and soapbox time. Eventually he'd have to resign, at which time the present Lieutenant Governor, then Governor of Alaska would appoint his replacement.

If the GOP side of the Senate tries to expel Stevens and the Dems block it, that shoots the high horse. If there's a vote and the GOP predominantly votes to expel, and enough Dems vote to not expel, that knocks over the soapbox.

The fun up north isn't going to end on November 4th. It'll only be beginning. It's not necessarily good news for the Senate Democrats. It could be good news if the GOP side is collectively stupid and tries to fight expelling Stevens, which isn't impossible.

If Stevens loses, then the fun is over next Jan 20. For the GOP Senate as well as anyone who doesn't want to live in a nanny state.

Posted by: Ed | Oct 28, 2008 5:39:40 PM

Having to proceed with the trial just to beat election may not be a good idea. Evidence and other valuable information should be gathered first to make a strong case. If he wins the election and he is found guilty as charged then it does mean that he is immune from liability. He may be expelled from membership due to gross misconduct.

Posted by: BloggerPal | Oct 30, 2008 9:15:25 PM

Now that Sen. Ted Stevens has been found guilty of receiving gifts, what will happen next? He also announced he would file for an appeal on his case at same time run for the senatorial election. This case is far from over.

Posted by: PIspecialist | Oct 30, 2008 9:35:20 PM

Between pros and cons, Sen. Stevens might as well pray that he didn't win in the elections. If he did, he will be facing the embarrassment of having been expelled from the senate by his own peers. However, less disgraceful option would be for him to resign. After all, he has lived his full life as a politician for forty years now. He's 84, might as well reap the fruits of his labor - if there is any.

Posted by: jlex | Nov 4, 2008 6:41:26 PM

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