Friday, October 31, 2008

Operation Direct Hit - A State Investigation

Although the FBI - a federal agency - was involved in the investigation, the charges against two corporations and 61 individuals was brought by a state prosecutor - the district attorney in Queens, New York. An FBI press release speaks to accusations of "engaging in a widespread, multi-million dollar no-fault automobile insurance fraud scheme that sought to defraud insurance carriers by intentionally staging accidents, submitting false medical and bodily injury claims and arranging for unneeded treatment and costly and unwarranted medical tests."  The press release also notes that "[t]he charges are the result of a 19-month investigation by the Queens District Attorney’s Organized Crime and Rackets Bureau and the New York Health Care Fraud Task Force – which is composed of agents and detectives from the FBI, the NYPD, and other federal, state and local law enforcement entities, as well as investigators from the insurance industry."  In a world with more and more charges being brought in the federal system, it is important to see a state prosecutor working with a federal agency to bring criminal charges.


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