Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biden and White Collar Crime

The announcement of Senator Biden as Senator Obama's running mate for the Presidency will clearly cause some to start investigating every nuance of his record.  There will likely be the references to his receipt of funds from a Mississippi lawyer (see WSJ Blog here) and hopefully these references will also note his return of these funds to Dickie Scruggs. (see folo here; Paul Quinn's Weblog here; LA Times  Blog here)

But it is also important to note that Senator Biden has a long history of fighting corporate criminality and trying to reduce white collar crime. When it comes to eradicating white collar crime, he is clearly a person who made this a top priority. His "US Senator for Delaware" website says:

Senator Biden has also been a leader in cracking down on white collar crime and corporate scandals. He authored legislation requiring corporate CEOs to certify the accuracy of their companies' financial statements, or face stiff criminal penalties. He also led the fight to close the "penalty gap" between white collar and violent crimes, requiring corporate crooks to do more time when they defraud the public.

Thinking back over the last few years, the one hearing that stands out the most to me, was a hearing he chaired back in 2002 titled, "Penalties For White Collar Offenses: Are We Really Getting Tough On Crime?" In this hearing we heard from individuals who had been victims of white collar offenses. It was followed by experts commenting on how best to tackle the problems. Senator Biden actively participated in leading this discussion and spoke about white collar crime problems and how best to resolve them.


Addendum - Dan Slater, WSJ Blog, The Mess in Mississippi, Redux: The Joe Biden Connection?

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