Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Senator Ted Stevens Indicted - Interesting Timing

Kate Phillips, New York Times, Senator Ted Stevens Indicted in Corruption Case (see also USAToday here; Wall St Jrl here).

The investigation has been for at least a year, an amount of time that is not unusual in white collar cases.  Prior indications of an investigation included the raid of Uncle Ted's home back in July 2007 (see here).

But the indictment of a Republican Senator at the same time as the release of a report on politicization of the department is interesting timing.  Is this indictment being issued today to show the public that the present DOJ will not play politics?  Is the timing of this Indictment to minimize the sting of the report that was just issued (see here)?  Or is it just happenstance that these two events occurred around the same time? And in the blogosphere it means that the indictment will be the top item and the report underneath.

More on the indictment to come.....


Addendum - Press Release of DOJ here.


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How late is late? Here's my reading of it. Roughly 35% of the voters will vote for the Democrat no matter what, and another 35% of the voters will vote for the Republican no matter what. The remaining 30% are the so-called "independent" voters, whom I strongly suspect are people who vote, but who are not obsessed with politics and are prepared (even eager) to wait until maybe 2 weeks before the election before starting to pay attention. None of these scandals will be remembered by that time. Pundits always assume that the punditocracy will have a decisive influence on the election, but I doubt that they are any more significant that Garner's warm bucket of piss.

Posted by: Pink Pig | Jul 30, 2008 10:08:30 PM

Having worked in DC for a decade,,, you assume too much policy making skill for the policy makers.

Posted by: Dave Hardy | Jul 30, 2008 10:36:01 PM

Even more interesting, the Justice Department waited until the election was only ~90 days away before releasing the indictment.

So Republicans will have a hard time substituting someone else.

Posted by: mariner | Jul 31, 2008 5:55:24 AM

It's the USA Federal Government. Of course it's coincidence. These folks couldn't herd cattle, much less cats.

Posted by: paul abarge | Jul 31, 2008 5:58:37 AM

No, it was to prevent Stevens from winning the Republican Primary on August 26th.

or wait. . .

Maybe it was to focus on Alaska's corruption and knock Sarah Palin out of the running for V.P.

or wait. . .

Maybe it was to keep Stevens from raising a ruckus about domestic oil drilling in the run up to the presidential election.

No, no, I'm pretty sure it was to give vapid law profs a conspiracy theory to chat up giving them both web traffic and an ideological club to swing.

I'm disappointed in Glen Reynolds that he linked to this waste of time.

Posted by: el Presidente Castro | Jul 31, 2008 6:35:40 AM

Nice post! I had the same thoughts on that one when I considered the timing of the story.

Posted by: Walonline | Jul 31, 2008 6:48:40 AM

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