Thursday, July 3, 2008

Samuel Israel III- "Alive and Well, and [Now] Living in" Prison

Samuel Israel III turned himself into authorities.  See David Abel & Todd Wallack, Boston Globe,  Swindler Who Faked Death Surrenders in Southwick, Judge Rejects Request To Go To Medical Center

Samuel Israel III, although now turning himself into authorities in Massachusetts, is accused of failing to report to prison three weeks ago. Judges in white collar cases, and other cases, sometimes allow the offender to voluntarily surrender to the prison. This is in large part because the facility may not have been determined at the time of the sentencing.  Thus, the court allows the person to wait and go directly to the facility where he or she will be doing the time. The accused avoids detention in temporary facilities and also keeps from being hopscotched across the United States.  If Israel is found to have failed to report, he can face the penalty of violating a court order. In addition to facing possible penalties for failing to report to prison, he also loses the ability to report directly to the institution.


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