Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recent White Collar Crime Scholarship

Geraldine Szott Moohr ,Of Bad Apples and Bad Trees: Considering Fault-Based Criminal Liability for Complicit Corporations, 44 American Criminal Law Review, Vol 44, 2007 - available on SSRN here

Miriam Baer, Corporate Policing and Corporate Governance: What Can We Learn from Hewlett-Packard's Pre-testing Scandal?, University of Cincinnati Law Review - Corporate Law Symposium, 2008 - available on SSRN here 

James B. Johnston, Prosecuting Government Fraud Despite the 'CSI Effect': Getting the Jury to Follow the Money, New England Law Review, Vol. 41, 2007 - available on SSRN here

Paul Rothstein, 'Anything You Say May Be Used Against You': A Proposed Seminar ton the Lawyer's Duty to Warn of Confidentiality's Limits in Today's Post-Enron World, Fordham Law Review, Vol. 76, 2007 - available on SSRN here


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