Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In the News & Blogosphere

Joe Milicia, San Diego.com (AP) - Adviser gets 12 years in prison in Ohio fraud case

Marcia Coyle, National L.J., A Crucial Quest for New Look at Liability- Corporate Criminal Standards at Stake (subscription required)

M.L. Elrick & Joe Swickard, Detroit Free Press, Strategy in Text Scandal a Risky One for Worthy- Kilpatrick's Denial of Affairs Debatable (Blog Editor Emeritus - Peter Henning - discusses the problems that arise when you have ambiguity in the questions being asked)

DOJ Press Release - Bristol-Myers Squibb Agrees to Clean Air Act Upgrades

Lawrence Hurley, Daily Journal - DOJ Considers Changes to Waiver Policy- Senators Press Agency for Solution to Privilege Issue (subscription required); see also Lawrence Hurley, Washington Briefs, Leahy Reveals Discussions With DOJ Over McNulty Memo

DOJ  Press Release - Former Chief Financial Officer of Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Convicted of Conspiracy & Filing False Tax Returns



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