Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Latest Jack Abramoff Effect

It has been several years since the investigation of Jack Abramoff and over two years since he plead guilty and received a seventy month sentence (see here).  But the dominoes continue to fall. (see here).

This time it is someone who was with the DOJ. The LA Times in an article titled, "Ex-Justice official is charged in corruption inquiry in connection with Jack Abramoff" tells the background of this former DOJ attorney and tells of the alleged favors received. The DOJ proceeding against a DOJ person is highlighted in the headline over at the ABA Jrl Law News - DOJs Abramoff Probe Ensares One of its Own.

The press anticipates a plea here, which raises questions of who will this new defendant be a witness against. As there are clear benefits to cooperation, and the more cooperation provided the better the deal, it serves an accused well to offer testimony against others in order to receive a lower sentence.  The continual fear in these cases is that with such a strong motivation to provide testimony, one has to question the credibility of the testimony that is received. 



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