Thursday, April 10, 2008

Post Wecht Trial Conduct by the FBI

Cyril Wecht's trial ended with a hung jury (see here), and it was a relatively long trial at that (see here).  Jonathan Silver at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in an article titled Many Questions Surround Wecht Retrial, Set for May, provides an interesting description of the government's desire to proceed in a retrial against this 77 year old man, including some statements from former AG and Governor Dick Thornburgh.

But the government has not stopped at just saying they want to retry this case.  According to an article by Carl Prine and Jason Cato in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (see here) the FBI is calling the jurors in the prior trial. Check out a prior article titled Majority Thought Wecht Was Innocent, Juror Says.

Perhaps the irony here is that Wecht's charges relate to his alleged use/misuse of public funds.  But the government's use, and perhaps continued use, of public funds to continue this prosecution might be questioned by some as beyond what is necessary. 


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It is a shame the way enforcement agencies pick and choose which cases to pursue. My firm (aid4families) has been indicted and robbed by regulators and law enforcement. While the crooks who have caused the biggest crisis since the depression are bailed out. What has been most shameful is how many elements are involved. Lawyers don't like to sue banks, so it's nearly impossible to seek redress. Most attorneys are afraid to even submit a brief on our behalf, the media hides even the academics only want to complain about the system only to the point where they risk scorn. It is clear that justice is blind but by no means is the law and those who believe it's purpose is to override justice. How many times has everyone heard that something may not be "right" but it's the law.

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