Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hillary Takes on White Collar Crime

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has presented a tough on crime posture in framing issues in her campaign.  Her latest statement discussed white collar crime. Reporting on Clinton's latest statement, NBC/NJs Anetha Jones writes -

"white-collar crime cost people their pensions and their jobs and contributed to the economic woes communities face. As president, she would pledge to pursue corporate criminals like street criminals, directing her attorney general to conduct a 90-day review of all deferred prosecution agreements and report on how to strengthen prosecution efforts against corporate wrongdoers."

ABC - KPRG- TV9 states

"She promised to pursue white collar crime as well, placing an emphasis on identity theft and prescription drugs purchases made over the Internet..."

It is interesting that two important issues related to white collar crime are singled out here - computer related offenses (identity theft) and corporate deferred prosecution issues.


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