Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Government Asks for 36 Months for Snipes

The government filed its sentencing brief (see here - Download usa_sentencing_memo_re_snipes.pdf ) in anticipation of the forthcoming Wesley Snipes sentencing hearing set for April 24, 2008. The brief calls for the court to impose a sentence of "36 months’ imprisonment and a fine of at least $5 million."  It also requests the court to deny bail pending appeal.  See Professor Doug Berman's Sentencing Law & Policy for his comments on this brief.

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In my opinion there's little doubt that Snipes will be sentenced to prison. Whether or not he does any time is another question. My understanding is that there are quite a few appealable issues so it may be many years before this question is ever actually resolved. The Federal system is so draconian that there's little doubt that the government will extract their pound of flesh.

Posted by: Darrin Mish | Apr 19, 2008 5:24:18 PM

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