Thursday, March 13, 2008


Nixon_farewell Just like President Nixon leaving the White House with arms raised high and head unbowed, so too am I leaving the White Collar Crime Prof Blog -- how's that for a final image.  I guess I could have used Eliot Spitzer as my model for a quick exit. 

While I didn't last quite as long on the blog as "Tricky" Dick, a bit less than three-and-a-half years, but I was around longer than Spitzer's sixteen months as Governor of New York.  And I'm not leaving as an unindicted coconspirator either, at least not as far as I know.  But seriously, folks . . .  it has been a great deal of fun to write on this blog, and I've made a number of new friends and contacts over the last three years.  More importantly, I've learned quite a lot about the law, some of it from looking up cases, statutes, and court documents to figure out what was going on to compose a post, and more than a few times from the helpful comments of readers correcting my many mistakes.  Over the course of a couple thousand posts -- and way too many words in most of them -- I hope I've become a better writer and a bit more observant.  One of the joys of doing the blog is following cases on a regular basis, which gives me a much better understanding of how they unfold.

I owe a significant debt of gratitude to Ellen Podgor, my co-editor of this blog and co-author on more than a few projects.  We got into this endeavor almost on a whim, talking about it for a few minutes during one of our many telephone conversations and basically diving into the blog without knowing where it would go.  At one point we said we'd consider it a major achievement to have 500 viewers in a day -- we now average over 1,000 on weekdays, and your reading what we write is much appreciated.  Ellen and I disagreed about .1% of the time about items in the blog, and even then it was a principled difference, and she has been terrific to work with.  She plans to continue the blog, so it remains in good hands.

For those worried that I may be out roaming the streets looking to create mischief without the blog, fear not -- I have more than enough to keep me busy.  For those who forwarded items from various cases, please stay in touch because I plan to continue to follow developments in the field.  White collar crime is now much more than just a niche, what with all those politicians with their assignations and CEOs looking to inflate revenue and earnings, so I suspect it will remain that way. 

Thanks again, and as Steely Dan once sang, "Sue me if I play too long," but don't try it as a civil RICO claim.  Aloha!

-- Peter Henning

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I've learned a great deal from this blog; thanks, and best wishes.

Posted by: Anne Reed | Mar 12, 2008 8:51:37 PM

Respectfully, would you mind telling us why you have decided to leave the blog?

Posted by: steve sadow | Mar 13, 2008 4:40:17 AM


Thank you for your contribution to this blawg. Hopefully the quality of the product won't suffer for having lost half of its producers. Also, don't insist that you are "Not a crook" as you get on the helicopter.

Posted by: Eh Nonymous | Mar 13, 2008 4:54:50 AM

A reader posted a comment asking why I'm leaving the blog. No mystery or nefarious reason. As readers may understand, writing a blog on a regular basis takes an enormous amount of time. In addition, for those who do these things, you understand that they can be something like an addiction, so it's not easy to just turn it off, especially when an interesting event hits like the Spitzer imbroglio. So the time demands can be very unpredictable. I have two significant writing projects on the horizon, in addition to the usual stuff in my life (acting as a chauffeur to the kids is my main occupation many days).

I enjoyed writing on this blog very much, and indeed last night after I posted my farewell I had a strange feeling of leaving something behind that I very much liked and wondered whether it was the right decision. In assessing my time, I decided I needed to rearrange things to have a bit more for other projects. Dropping off the blog is one way to do that, although it comes at a cost and I'd love to continue doing this. Fortunately, Ellen is continuing it so I do not fear for its continued existence as a quality blog. As always, a very long answer to a very short question.

peter henning

Posted by: Peter Henning | Mar 13, 2008 7:38:06 AM

thanks for responding to my request. best of luck to you.

Posted by: steve sadow | Mar 13, 2008 10:52:47 AM

Peter, I am sorry to see you go. I have been a daily reader of the White Collar Crime Blog for the past 4 or so (I lose count) years. I am neither a lawyer, law professor, prosecutor, nor judge. I am the wife of one of the defendants in the largest tax fraud case in the history of the world (case dismissed, currently on appeal in NY second circuit). Your posts have been a valuable source of information and insight. I wish you the best and will miss your posts.

Posted by: Kelly | Mar 13, 2008 11:17:27 AM

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