Thursday, September 6, 2007

Representing Iraq Contractors Looks Like the Next Source of Lawyer Full Employment

As the investigations of corporate options backdating wind down, the next source of cases for the white collar crime departments at major firms is appearing on the horizon: investigations of companies that received contracts as part of the Iraq rebuilding effort.  As discussed in an earlier post (here), the Department of Defense Inspector General will be heading to Iraq with a team to look into the award of billions of dollars worth of contracts, and Capitol Hill will be conducting hearings on the contracts.  According to a story in The National Law Journal (here), "The war in Iraq has an army of high-profile attorneys working to steer defense contractors through a minefield of lawsuits and federal investigations involving war profiteering and fraud."  Here is the primary selling point to firms facing increased scrutiny: "The first step in surviving a government inquiry: Get the right lawyer."  Well, of course that's what you have to do, silly, and don't ask how much it will cost, because you can't really know and probably won't want to think about it as the bills for a cadre of lawyers for the company and individual officers come rolling in. (ph)

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