Monday, September 24, 2007

N.Y.'s Commission on Public Integrity

New York State's new Commission on Public Integrity went into effect today.  This new body comes from the Public Employees Reform Act, and combines the State Ethics Commission and the Temporary State Commission on Lobbying. (see here). Membership on the Commission is as follows:

"The Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor, one of whom is nominated by the Comptroller and one by the Attorney General. Of the three members appointed directly by the Governor, no more than two members may belong to the same political party and at least two members shall not be public officers or hold public office. No member may hold office in any political party or be a lobbyist. The Governor designates the chair. Members serve five-year terms, and receive no compensation except reimbursement for necessary expenses."

Governor Spitzer made his five appointments (see here).  The New York Times City Room raises an interesting connection between one of Attorney General Cuomo's new appointees and a matter that may become of interest to this entity. (see here).


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