Friday, September 7, 2007

Former Executive Settles SEC Insider Trading Case Over Sales Before Bad News

A former executive and co-founder of telecommunications company UTStarcom Inc. settled an SEC civil complaint alleging he and his wife sold shares of the company shortly before it planned to announce that it would not meet its earnings target for the quarter.  The SEC Litigation Release (here) states that

In late September 2005, UTStarcom failed to finalize a significant deal and the company was preparing to pre-announce to the market that it would not be able to meet its earnings guidance for the quarter. According to the Commission, Shey spoke to the UTStarcom executive by phone the weekend before the public announcement. Shortly after that conversation, Shey contacted his broker and began the process of liquidating his extensive UTStarcom stock holdings.

According to the complaint, just minutes after the market opened on Monday, October 3, Shey began selling his UTStarcom stock, and Shey's wife began selling UTStarcom stock in accounts of her family members. Shey sold more than 600,000 shares over the following days, making his final sale less than an hour before UTStarcom announced the revenue shortfall on October 6. Following that announcement, the company's stock price fell by more than 26 percent.

The defendant settled the SEC action by disgorging $420,226.60 representing the losses avoided by the sales, plus prejudgment interest of $31,909.96, and payment of a one-time civil money penalty. (ph)

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