Tuesday, July 31, 2007

White Collar Educators

Fraud in the education arena is not something new. An article by Audrey Williams June in the Chonicle of Higher Education (subscription required) describes how college business officers may be forced to deal with fraud on campus.  The example of kickbacks/bribes of contractors is one item covered in the article, which is titled "Business Officers Get Advice on Guarding Against Fraud and 'Going Green' Frugally."



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How about fraud in terms of financial aid? My contemporaries and I at law school were told that the 6 figure debt the we were to acquire would be manageable and that lenders would be lenient and understanding. What a joke. I haven't seen animals so ravenous since my last trip to the zoo. My law school was an expensive one and we were all fooled into thinking that the burden of having enormous debt was worth the school's reputation. In the end, my school's name has only made for slightly interesting and brief small talk. Shame on those schools that defraud their naive students!

Posted by: Rod Thompson | Aug 1, 2007 7:33:26 AM