Monday, June 4, 2007

U.S. Rep William Jefferson Background on the Investigation

The investigation of Congressman Jefferson has been the subject of several blogspots.  For background information see:

Gonzales on the Warm Seat

A Response to Gonzales

Special Privilege - DOJ "Firings" Investigation

Former Representative Ney Receives 30-Month Sentence

What's Coming in 2007

Bribery Investigation Doesn't Hurt Election Result

Who Knew What When About Representative Foley's Communications

Payer of Bribe to Louisiana Congressman Sentenced to 87-Month Prison Term

DC Circuit Says Jefferson Can Review Documents

Rep. Jefferson's Documents Remain Locked Up

Documents Seized from Rep. Jefferson's Office Remain on Ice

District Court Hears Argument in Challenge to Search of Rep. Jefferson's Office

What Does the Speech or Debate Clause Protect?

Pennsylvania Senate Aides Charged with Obstruction for Trying to Wipe E-Mails

If It Were Your Office . . .

Executive v. Executive

Former Aide to Rep. Jefferson Sentenced to 8 Years on Bribery Charge

President Bush Orders Evidence Seized from Rep. Jefferson's Office Sealed

Does the Speech Or Debate Clause Affect the Search of Rep. Jefferson's Office?

Another Guilty Plea in Corruption Investigation of Louisiana Congressman

Six Aides to Rep. Jefferson Subpoenaed in Corruption Probe

Former Legislative Assistant to Louisiana Congressman Pleads Guilty to Bribery Charges

Is Perjury a "Technicality"?

Does Corruption Ripen in the Summer?

Louisiana Congressman's Home Searched


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