Sunday, March 25, 2007

Special Privilege - DOJ "Firings" Investigation

If there was an investigation occurring of possible criminal activity, federal agents would proceed by either subpoenaing the documents from the accused or obtaining a search warrant. DOJ has not been intimidated in their investigations, even going so far as to allow a search of a congressman's office. (see discussion of search of Rep. William Jefferson office here)

With this backdrop, one has to wonder why the DOJ is being allowed to produce what it wants in emails.  Why are the calendars allowed to be redacted so that no one can see the remaining entries, and is anyone checking to see that DOJ officials are really producing all the necessary documents? Perhaps there should be judicial oversight making these decisions, and perhaps that requires a special prosecutor. Is this a mere employment matter? Was there no criminal wrongdoing here?  And should we trust them on calling this one correctly?


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The fact of the matter is a question was asked and a big "faux pas" occurred in the answer. They smell blood and possibilities. It is also a possibility that "they" want to know what prosecutions are sought. "They" would know, from the personnel that was relinguished, certain details and as such, if documents of such are not forthcoming, the smell of blood is stronger.

The real shame is we were formed on principals of "honor" and "integrity" as a body to be governed by the people for the People!

Instead, we have seen the transistion to Government by the Government, for the Government! Where the true test of leadership is the ability to be a professional, pathological purveyor of falsehood with the ability to dodge any proverbial bullets or political land mines!

My soul aches and we the "People" are in dire need of honorable men!

The dilema is, honorable men can not make it in Washington as the strength of truth and honor is also it's weakness!

Posted by: Laser Haas | Mar 26, 2007 2:04:28 AM

Gonzo has to go. He has the leadership skills of a sheep, and the minions at DOJ (McNulty, Moschella, etc.) need to go work at McDonalds or something.

Even BIA is feeling pretty good about themselves after comparing the leadership at DOJ.

Bring back Ashcroft!

Posted by: Deuce | Mar 26, 2007 8:02:41 PM

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