Sunday, January 28, 2007

Army Begins Fraud Investigations

DOJ may be a step behind the Army as this military branch begins its own fraud investigations. (see Washington Post AP here).  But with the opening of fifty (50) investigations of contractors one has to wonder if this action is a bit late.  Was there no adequate compliance program in place to make certain that fraud did not occur?  And was there an "effective program" to oversee contractors who were working in foreign countries?  And if the Army failed to monitor its contractors, is this recent effort to investigate sufficient? But unlike the corporation that fails to have an "effective program," you probably won't be seeing a deferred prosecution agreement here.  The real question will be whether the legislature will intervene here.


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Actually, USACIDC, along with AFOSI, and NCIS, probably have had investigations going on with respect to Iraq for awhile and that the only one behind the times is the DODIG/DCIS, which had to be prodded by Congress to deploy investigators to the sand box within the last year when they found out that the DODIG did not have an investigator in country.

What should really happen is that Congress should do some over sight on the military investigative programs to see if they are are adequately funded, manned, and managed. I suspect they would be surprised to find something to the contrary

Posted by: Bob | Jan 30, 2007 7:08:23 AM