Saturday, November 25, 2006

White Collar Crime in Germany and China

While our primary focus is on the United States, instances of white collar crime can occur anywhere money flows and businesses fight for a competitive advantage.  A Wall Street Journal article (here) discusses pending investigations in Germany of Siemens AG and Daimler-Chrysler AG related to potentially illegal payments.  The Siemens investigation involves a fraud that involving over $200 million, and German police searched a number of the company's offices and seized over 36,000 documents.  Searches are becoming more common in U.S. white collar crime investigations, although the German authorities also arrested six employees, something that tends not to happen here until charges have been filed.  As one would expect to hear in an American corporate crime investigation, Siemens stated that it is cooperating with investigators.  The Daimler-Chrysler case involves possible violations of the FCPA for bribes paid from allegedly secret bank accounts.

An AP story (here) discusses a report issued by China's National Audit Office that over $900 million in government pension funds have been misused or stolen.  China is reputed to impose severe penalties for corruption, including the possibility of a death sentence, which is a bit more extreme than the punishments imposed in the U.S. and elsewhere. (ph)

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