Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Response to USA Today Article on Prosecutors in a Slump

Greg Farrell, USA Today's article - White Collar Crime Prosecutors in a Slump takes some baseball shots at prosecutors in the US Attorneys Office in Manhattan.  They declined to respond, as they should, and for that they deserve credit.

But calling recent happenings in their office a sign of a "losing streak" does deserve some response.  For one - prosecutors never lose.  As true "ministers of justice" their job is not to convict, but merely to present the evidence fairly to the jury for them to properly evaluate. And when the evidence is not there, having them dismiss or not pursue a case is the "right" thing to do.

- dropping the Quattrone case - Outstanding is the way it should be described.  Perhaps they erred in bringing this case initially, but they certainly cannot be criticized for not wasting taxpayer dollars on not proceeding with yet another trial that focuses on an email exchange.

- dropping cases against specialists - clearly the right thing to do when the evidence warrants that they should not proceed.

Prosecutors should not be faulted when they act as "ministers of justice."   This umpire is calling a foul here.



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