Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Milberg Weiss Prosecution Meanders On

The trial of plaintiff class action firm Milberg Weiss on conspiracy, RICO, and fraud charges is set to begin in January 2008.  At a scheduling conference with U.S. District Judge John Walter, prosecutors said that the government may add charges against the firm, which could involve fraudulent billings by experts.  If new charges are added, that could postpone the trial even further, making it more difficult for Milberg Weiss to remain in business with the threat of a possible criminal conviction.  It is not clear at this point whether the government has any cooperating witnesses providing information about questionable payments to experts.  The investigation has been dragging on for over six years now, and unless the payments occurred within the past five years there may be statute of limitations problems, except if it is part of a larger RICO or conspiracy charge.  A Los Angeles Times article (here) discusses the status of the case. (ph)


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