Thursday, November 30, 2006

Democratic Congress = White Collar Marketing Opportunity

With Democrats taking control of the House and Senate in the recent elections, the change in power means more than just a shift in jobs on Capitol Hill.  It will also be an opportunity for Democrats to investigate the real and perceived problems of the Bush Administration, which means everyone called before a committee to testify is going to need a lawyer.  Washington, D.C. powerhouse law firm Covington & Burling issued a memorandum (here) on November 16 alerting its clients and others to possible avenues of Congressional inquiry that may require, naturally, expert representation by experienced counsel. 

The memo notes the following three areas as likely to draw investigative interest:

  • Perceived Beneficiaries of Bush Administration and Congressional Initiatives
  • Companies Connected to Alleged Bush Administration Failures or Abuses, and Companies and Industries Perceived to Have Close Ties to the Administration
  • Corporate Accountability Redux

The memo is particularly blunt about what the second area will entail: "Companies that played a role in what are perceived as Bush Administration failures or abuses also likely will be targets for congressional investigators. Examples include companies involved in the Iraq redevelopment effort, telecommunication and Internet companies that responded to warrantless wiretap orders, and companies that provided services to Katrina victims. These lines of inquiry offer the 'triple play' of embarrassing the Administration, uncovering potential corporate abuses, and highlighting the prior Congress’s abdication of its oversight responsibilities." (emphasis added)  There's nothing like a "triple play" to ensure that white collar practice groups remain busy. (ph)

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