Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Brother of Philadelphia Mayor Indicted

Yet another corruption prosecution hits Philadelphia, this time Mayor James Street's older brother, Milton, who has been charged with fraud and tax evasion.  Over the past year, the city's former Treasurer and a member of the City Council were convicted on corruption-related charges.  The indictment (here) alleges that Milton Street, described as a "food vendor," used his purported access to his brother to obtain consulting arrangements for thousands of dollars from companies with contracts at the Philadelphia airport.  According to the indictment, Milton Street "began hiring himself out as a highly-paid consultant to area businesses who believed that defendant STREET could help them obtain business with the City of Philadelphia."  One of the alleged contracts involved $30,000-per-month payments. 

An AP story (here) quotes Milton Street stating, "I think, honestly, that I stayed in bounds (of the law) . . . Now, I have to tell you, I am the worst record-keeper in the history of the modern man."  Sounds like the beginnings of an "honest-but-disorganized businessman" defense.  Mayor Street is not implicated in any of the alleged violations.  With Donovan McNabb out for quite a while recovering from knee surgery and the Sixers buoyed only by playing in the incredibly weak Atlantic Division, these are tough times in Philly. (ph)

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