Monday, October 23, 2006

Background on Skilling

Jeff Skilling's Forthcoming Sentence & The Role of Cooperation here

The Skilling Sentence here

Skilling Takes Another Shot at Overturning the Guilty Verdict here

More on Fastow here

What the Lay/Skilling Jury Heard from Fastow here

Fastow Receives a Six Year Sentence here

Fastow to Be Sentenced this Week here

Joint and Several Liability and Jeff Skilling here

Court Rejects Overturning Skilling's Convictions here

Asset Forfeiture- Skilling & Lay here

A Hint About How Causey's Guilty Plea Affected the Skilling Defense here

Skilling and Lay Seek to Delay Sentencing here

On to the Sentencing here

The Parameter for CEO Sentencing here

Lay & Skilling Appellate Issues here

Lay & Skilling Convicted here

The Skilling/Lay Closing Argument here

Commentary on Lay/Skilling Trial and Possible Aftermath here

Skilling/Lay Trial Defense Rests here

Here Comes an Ostrich (Instruction) here

Ken Lay's Testimony Ends here

This Week in Enronville here

Tough Day for Skilling here

Cross-Ex of Skilling here

Was Skilling on the Witness Stand Too Long here

Blame Fastow here

It is All Skilling here

Ae Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling Assisting the President here

Will Lay & Skilling testify?  And Who Else? here

Intent- Key Issue in Skilling/Lay Trial here

Government Rests its Case Against Lay and Skilling, and Asks for 4 Counts to be Dropped here

Enron here

Not a Good Day for Skilling here

They're On to Us here

This Week in Enronville here

Another Day in Enron Country here

Lay/Skilling Trial a New Week here

Opening Statements Lay & Skilling Case here

Skilling & Lay Selecting a Jury here

Enron Playbill here

The Latest Pre-Trial Events in the Lay/Skilling Trial here

Using Skillings SEC Testimony Against Him here

Skillings Motion to Dismiss Insider Trading Charges Against Him here

Where Do Nice Guys Finish here

There are many additional entries on this blog related to Jeff Skilling - see here


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