Friday, September 15, 2006

Specter Tells of Upcoming Legislation to Stop Thompson Memo Practices

Senator Arlen Specter spoke at the NACDL-Georgetown White Collar Crime Luncheon on September 14.  Blogging on that speech for the White Collar Crime Prof Blog is Jack King of the NACDL, who reports:

At lunch today, Specter said that he would prepare legislation addressing the “Thompson memo.” Michael Peel of Financial Times (London) asked what the legislation would “look like” and what the “timetable might be.”  Specter replied:

        “I would say that the government may not consider on charging a corporation whether the corporation has waived the attorney-client privilege and waived the inadmissibility – or the status – of work product. And then it would say that you can’t consider on charging whether the corporation is going to pay attorney’s fees, if that’s in a contract or what the practice is. As for when I’m going to introduce it, we’re going to be in session for two weeks, and I don’t think there’s time enough to put it together, but I would shoot for the lame-duck session, which I think is going to start on November 13. But the timeline for passage is totally unpredictable. Not until next year at the earliest.
        "Have I had any indications of support? Yes, Sen. Leahy is for it.”


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